Kawagoe City Museum
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Entrance guide

Kawagoe Castle
Kawagoe Castle
Kawagoe City Museum
Kawagoe City Museum
Kurazukuri Museum
"Kurazukuri" Museum

※Kawagoe Castle is under restoration until March 2011.

Hours of Admission


Admission fees

Adults Students
Museum, Art Museum 300 yen 150 yen
Museum, Art Museum, "Kurazukuri" Museum 370 yen 180 yen
Museum, Art Museum, "Kurazukuri" Museum,
Kawagoe Festival Museum
600 yen 400 yen

Traffic guide

Normal Map (PNG)

Normal Map (PNG)
By train
and bus
From Hon-Kawagoe Station of Seibu-Shinjuku line or From Kawagoe Station of Tobu-tojo line and of JR Kawagoe line,
(1) After taking the Tobu Bus indicated "KURANOMACHI", 8 minutes on foot from the "FUDANOTSUJI" bus stop.
(2) After taking Tobu Bus indicated "Koedo Meisho Meguri", soon from the "Museums" bus stop.
(3) After taking Eagle Bus indicated "Coedo Traveling Bus", soon from the "Museums" bus stop.
By private car The parking lot is in front of the museum.